5 Boxes Hypoallergenic Sports Tape 2,5 cm White (240 pcs.)


  • Extremely strong adhesive power!
  • Latex-free!
  • Hypo-allergenic adhesive layer covered with zinc oxide rubber adhesive
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Easy to tear, both in length and width
  • Suitable in case of functional joint immobilization
  • For prevention or in the treatment of sprains etc.
  • Extremely suitable for physiotherapy and orthopedics
  • Professional quality
  • Excl. 9% VAT and shipping costs


This tape is a hypo-allergenic, latex-free sports tape. Thanks to the excellent adhesive layer, the hypo-allergenic tape is also extremely suitable for supporting joints. The wearing material of hypoallergenic tape is made from viscose; the hypoallergenic adhesive layer is based on zinc oxide and synthetic rubber. This makes the hypo-allergenic tape especially suitable for patients and athletes who are hypersensitive to sports tapes with conventional adhesive.

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